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Enhance Performance | Clean & Protect | Lower Emissions | No Ethanol

Chevron gas provides unbeatable mileage. Different than other brands with its patented Techron technology, it cleans and protects your engine as you drive.

This prevents clogging in the fuel injectors, which can lower the emissions coming from your tailpipe while helping your vehicle run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Chevron fuel is proven to have a superior quality. Start enjoying the benefits today.

Three Grades of Power

Chevron Regular 87

This is the type we recommend for most passenger cars and trucks. It’s powerful, reliable, and efficient.

Chevron Plus 89

This is a great solution for higher-performance cars, as well as engines prone to knocking on lower octane levels.

Chevron Supreme 91

This is premium-grade gasoline, perfect for cars that perform best on top-shelf fuel. Read the owner’s manual to check.

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Faster Cold Starts | Maximum Lubrication | Peak Performance

We source our diesel locally. Xtreme Diesel is the most technologically advanced diesel fuel additive available in the market. We don’t just sell diesel; we sell technology transformed fuel.

In order to obtain this certification, fuel marketers must go through a rigorous process, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that the fuel you’re using is of the highest quality.

Experience the difference.

Benefits of Xtreme Diesel

Cetane Boost

This creates more power for faster cold starts and improved MPG up to 8%.

SlickDiesel Lubricator

Maximum fuel lubrication protects pumps and injectors from wear.

HPCR Detergent Technology

This enhances injector performance in High Pressure Common Rail systems.


Our diesel is perfect for Alaska and won’t let you down in the cold.


Reliable Supply | Convenient Refills | VIP Discounts

We know that propane is critical for many Alaskans, which is why you can count on finding propane at each of our twelve stores. No matter what the weather throws our way, our tanks are always full.

Convenience is at the core of everything we do. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re using it for heating your home, powering your machinery, exploring Alaska in an RV, or backyard grilling.

Think of us as your partner in propane. It’s always available when you need it.

Enjoy Discounts

Join Our Fleet Program

Businesses enrolled in our fleet program can receive volume discounts on all our fuel products, including propane. Speak to a fleet account representative to get started.

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Shop at Carrs/Safeway with your Carrs Plus/Safeway Club Card and earn one Gas Reward Point for every dollar spent. You’ll save 10 cents per gallon when you earn 100 points, and 20 cents per gallon when you earn 200 points. Earning rewards points is easy, and the savings add up fast!