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Food & Drinks

Denali Express Chevron local coffee from SteamDot.

Local Coffee

Start your day right with fresh SteamDot coffee, roasted right here in Anchorage.

Two of Denali Express Chevron's delicious burritos.

Sandwiches & Burritos

Rocket ships need rocket fuel. If you’re working hard, you need the right fuel to keep you going. Our range of fresh sandwiches and burritos are guaranteed to help power you through the day. Stay tuned for our full fresh food menu and commissary, coming soon!

Denali Express Chevron's Hawaiian Style Musubi - a Pacific Island style snack.

Specialty Food

We love trying new things! Stop by one of our stores and try musubi, a delicious Pacific Island style snack.  We’re glad to celebrate the diverse populations living in Alaska.

Row of salty snack selections at Denali Express Chevron.


Craving something sweet? Salty? We’ve got you covered, whether you want to share with a friend or enjoy it all to yourself. Our stores cater to every taste, with a range of potato chips, pretzels, jerky, crackers, cookies, candy, and nuts to keep you satisfied throughout the day (or night).

Monster drinks at Denali Express Chevron.

Energy Drinks

Need a little extra boost to make it through the afternoon? Check out our selection of energy drinks in store to find all your favorite brands and select exactly what you need to perform at your best.

Naked juice selection at Denali Express Chevron.

Thirst Quenchers

Hydration is the key to feeling better, thinking better, and performing better. What do you need? Water? Juice? Sports drinks? Milk? Visit one of our stores and find something that will hit the spot.

Firewood bundles available at Denali Express Chevron.


Whether you’re heading home to stoke up some flames after work, or you’re fueling an epic Alaskan adventure, we’ve got the firewood you need to stay warm and comfortable.

RV in Alaska ready to go after being serviced at Denali Express Chevron.

RV Dump

There’s nothing better than exploring Alaska’s magnificent landscapes in an RV. Enjoy the convenience of our stores with quality fuels, clean bathrooms, a great range of snacks and drinks, and an RV dump point. We’ve got everything you need to fuel your Alaskan adventure.

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